The National Soccer League (NSL) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, 15 November 2018 in Kempton Park, east of Johannesburg.

The AGM was attended by the 32 Member Clubs of the National Soccer League.

NSL Chairman Dr Irvin Khoza said NSL sacrificed a lot for its success.

“We have come a long way since 1985. The value of our business is built in the all-important value of sacrifice. Ours is a puny business, where those that shoulder the burden of ownership take all the risks yet receive the least of the benefit and spoils, if there are any left.

“We (PSL) are today the largest Event Organiser and Content Developer in South Africa. Being the largest Event Organiser, we are most affected by the SASREA Act that seeks to regulate safety of sports and recreational events. As the largest Content Developer of engaging content that gets the country talking day in and out, we are responsible for all the life blood and success of the media and telecoms.” Dr Khoza said.

“You look at the remuneration being paid in the football industry. No-one can dispute the fact that players have gone from playing only for the love of the game, to now playing as a proper career where they are able to invest surplus funds. Member Clubs are making a contribution to various bodies including UIF, SARS and COIDA – these are people who play a pivotal role in our economy.” Dr Khoza added.

Dr Khoza, in his address to Member Clubs, noted that despite the recession and the tough economic times facing South Africa, football has been able to develop a product, through the Content it generates, that remains attractive and trusted by both the League Sponsors, Cup Sponsors, partners and broadcast partners.

For the year, 2017/18, the League’s revenue went up from R884 million to R938 million.
This once again demonstrates the strength of the League as it continues to attract sponsorships and broadcast partners.

Written by: Diski Voice