Comitis: PSL Should Limit Teams To Only 30 Players


Cape Town City boss, John Comitis says he has “insisted” to the PSL to cap the number of registered players per team at 30 professional players to make the league more competitive.

Speaking at the club’s unveiling of the new players, Comitis seemed convinced that if the PSL were to cap the number of players every team is allowed to register to 30, ┬áthe league will become more competitive as talent will be well spread.

“I have insisted to the PSL over the years that we should cut it at 30 (the number of registered players). No club should be allowed to have more than 30 registered pro (professional) players”. Comitis said.

“What will happen is, all those hangers on (players not playing) that are capable, like Letsie (Koapeng), Gumede (Tsepo), who never played, will now be playing somewhere else if we made than decision.

“That would alleviate the entire league. Other clubs will pick up a player here and there, and then they will go up. And all of a sudden the competition is higher, the whole league will be better.

“Then possible, the fans will say hang on we have players”.

Written by: Diski Voice