Wizards Owner Tells SAFA To Channel Sponsorship Towards Grants For Sustainability

Coal City Wizards chairman Mabu Moroaswi says although they are happy with Hollywoodbets sponsorship of the National Women’s League, South African Football Association (SAFA) should consider providing teams with grants for “sustainability”.

The Hollywoodbets sponsorship comes with a R2 million prize money for the league winners while the runners up will receive R1 million. However, the rest of the teams will only receive R150 000 for their troubles at the end of the season.

“Maybe it is not only on the pitch. We also need to look at administration side of the league. If you look at for instance, the team that is going to win the league is going to take away R2 million,” Moroaswi told Diski Voice.

“For me, I would be glad, for instance if you look at the PSL, if you look at the amount that is invested on the grant it also allows the teams to be on the same level a bit, there is sustainability. If you look at us, there is no sustainability so if most of the money was channeled towards grants, it would be better in terms of planning, arranging, you understand? You find that the community teams have a different stress that the ones that have the structures, University teams and those who are funded by the PSL teams are well of, they do not have the stress we have but it is something that the league needs to look at.

“Yes, we are happy about the prize money but channel most of the money towards grants for sustainability. It affects the product as well, it is something that need to be addressed, something that needs to be looked at. I hope it will be addressed properly, maybe in the near future.

“One of the things is if you look at the prizes as well, first prize R2 million, second prize R1 million and the rest get R150 000. Maybe that one can be addressed by the association (SAFA) but those are some of the questions we have as a league. You might find that it is the sponsor that prefers that set-up, we do not know.”

Written by: Diski Voice