Players must adapt to different systems – Heric


The newly appointed Ajax Cape Town MultiChoice Diski Challenge team coach Vladislav Heric believes it is important for young players to be developed to play different systems than to be confined to one style of play.


Heric says it has not been difficult to adjust from his 4-4-2 preferred system to the 4-3-3 one that Ajax use as he was taught to coach different systems while back home in Serbia.

“I must say it is not difficult to jump to high organised club like Ajax, it is difficult the other way round. We all know my system of play is 4-4-2 now I have to adjust to coaching 4-3-3, that is what coaching is all about. It is not difficult because as a sports student in my country, you have to coach all different systems of play.” Heric says

Heric added that although it is important to uphold the Ajax traditional style of play, it is also important that the players are developed in a way that they will be able to adjust to any kind of style of play.

“The system is the last point I pay attention to, the main point is what you can have out of the players.  If the players go from Ajax to somewhere else, where they play 4-4-2, they must have all kind of education.”

“Whenever they go for trials, they must be ready for it. They might go to another system if they go to Gavin Hunt or Ernest Middendorp or somewhere else in the country, they must adjust to play according to a system of play.”

written by: Diski Voice